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Ohio’s Own: Snozzberry Kombucha

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Snozzberry Kombucha
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Being a sucker for all things Willie Wonka makes it easy to justify a seven-dollar bottle of Veruca Snozzberry. Veruca, you may recall, was a spoiled little princess who met her demise at the hands of a group of squirrels in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As for snozzberries, they’re a fictional fruit referred to by Willie himself.

And while the backstory on snozzberries is somewhat disturbing, it’s not disturbing enough to derail this little project involving Columbus’ own Luna Kombucha. Veruca Snozzberry is a flavor of Kombucha bottled by the local company.

Kombucha is a fermented tea, in fact, Luna’s website says it’s a tea that continues to ferment, even after being bottled –so it’s an everchanging beverage too (Wonka would be impressed). It also has pro-biotic qualities, and yeast and healthy stuff. Packed with enough fermented alcohol to merit a warning label for pregnant ladies, it can both give you a buzz AND create super human healthfulness by curing gout, arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure (allegedly).

That’s a combo right there. I’ll drink to that.

People say Kombucha tastes a little like champagne, and that is shockingly true. The pale pink Veruca Snozzberry bubbles into a glass, and that fizziness continues all the way down the gullet. It’s also mildly fruity. Who would think tea could achieve all that? The comparison with champagne also makes the price tag easier to swallow.

As for what goes into Snozzberry Kombucha, the ingredient list includes filtered water, green and black tea, yeast, sugar, fruit puree and natural flavors. Given the story behind snozzberries, a little more research on the last two ingredients might be a good idea.

Luna Kombucha comes in lots of flavors, all arguably less disturbing than snozzberry. There’s also lemon, mango and guava jasmine, for example. You can find the beverage at most local gourmet grocers and also at some of the local installations of the Giant Eagle chain.

For more information, visit www.lunakombucha.com.

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