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Ohio’s Own: Snowville Creamery White Cheddar

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Snowville Creamery White CheddarPhoto by Lauren Sega.
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There’s a certain amount of enthusiastic evangelism that comes with the release of every new Snowville Creamery product. Snowville has a long history of actively promoting the virtues of small-scale dairy operations and sustainable farming practices in Ohio. When it comes to the local dairy scene, Snowville changed the conversation the first time it started distributing its whole milk products that featured teeny clots of milk fat (cream): the milk is flash pasteurized, not homogenized.

Then there was its chocolate milk, and cream, and creme fraiche, and yogurts (please bring back Lemon Ginger). Cheese, it seems, is the final frontier, and Snowville’s cheese arrived in area groceries a few weeks ago.

Snowville makes cheese in one flavor (for now): A2 Raw Milk White Cheddar. The A2 bit is a distinction from A1; while the United States dairy industry uses mostly cows that produce A1 milk, A2 products are typically viewed as healthier and easier to digest. Raw milk, too, is supposed to be healthier. So, it’s healthy white cheddar.

It’s also uncommonly creamy. That ought to be expected, as Snowville products have a reputation for their creaminess. Aged for a minimum of 60 days, the cheese slices easily and is more pleasantly mild than sharp. At room temperature, the cheddar melts in the mouth.

For what it’s worth, it also melts well on toast, if that’s your bag.

As bonuses to the whole healthy schtick, Snowville cows dine on grass and non-GMO feeds. And they are artificial hormone-free. All that makes for a better environment, holistically speaking. It’s more than hype for Snowville Creamery, it’s a consistent execution of practices that are cow-, earth- and human-friendly.

You can find the new A2 Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese at area groceries including Hills (both on the north end and Downtown) and Weiland’s. It’s priced at around $13 per pound.

For more information, visit snowvillecreamery.com.


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