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Ohio’s Own: Root 23 Simple Syrup

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Root 23 Simple SyrupPhoto by Walker Evans.
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There’s nothing simple about Root 23’s “simple syrups”. They’re more complex than the regular syrups you might find at the store or coffee shop. We’re not talking about “Hazelnut” or “Vanilla”, Root 23 makes syrups in flavors such as Grapefruit Basil and Cucumber Habanero.

The syrups just hit the stores this spring. Root 23’s wares are sold in short, squat glass bottles, with sleekly designed labels. For a test drive bottle ($11.99), the choice was obvious: Sea Salt Caramel.

The flavor option opens a whole new door. We’ve had salty caramel ice cream for years, and you find salty caramel cookies, pies and candies pretty easily now too. With a syrup, you can make salty caramel EVERYTHING. Everything can taste like salty caramel; soak that in and bask for a second.

Meanwhile, the bottle suggests using it as an enhancement for whiskey, vodka, sparkling water or ice cream.

But before pairing, curiosity might inspire a direct hit from the bottle of glistening gold liquid. It’s sweet, and caramel-ly, with hit of salt that strikes right at the end. It’s also strong: strong enough that there’s no real temptation to gulp down the entire bottle.

So far, it’s performed well in a few scenarios: the obvious vodka one, but also Sea Salt Caramel Milkshake (ice cream, milk, several shots of syrup). Then, there’s still lots in the bottle to play around; it’s fun with cornflakes and milk (why not?), and drizzled over bananas sautéed in butter.

Salty Caramel for everyone.

Root 23 makes an “all natural product”. While that phrase can mean a lot of things, in this case, the ingredient list is pretty basic, and it starts with organic cane sugar.

There’s likely a little punnery in the name, Root 23. While it’s not actually located on Route 23, it’s darn close. The headquarters are up on Dublin Road; it’s locally grown.

Want to learn about the business behind Root 23? CLICK HERE for more at TheMetropreneur.com.

For more information, visit www.root23.com.

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