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Ohio’s Own: Reinecker’s Bakery

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Reinecker’s BakeryPhotos by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Babka is a type of treat that takes on a lot of forms and interpretations. You can score a Seinfeld-famous chocolate babka at mainstream joints like Trader Joe’s, and walk away with a loaf of bread that hosts infinite ribbons of chocolate filling within its folds.

That’s all nice, but Reinecker’s makes a different sort of Babka that eclipses chocolate versions. The bakery also calls it “paska” and it’s kind of like the springtime equivalent of a fruitcake.

Okay, it’s not fruitcake, perhaps more like a springtime panettone. But panettone is like a type of fruitcake, so the comparison isn’t all wrong. At heart, we’re talking about a sweet, soft yeast dough, studded with fruit and nuts. In the case of Reinecker’s babka in particular, the fruit is raisins, both “black & yellow” (the latter are normally referred to as “golden raisins”), and wisps of almonds.   

So, it’s comparable to an amped-up, super-loaded raisin bread too. Only way better.

Reinecker’s celebrates 60 years of business in 2019. The bakery has served the Cleveland and Macedonia area since 1959, when Richard Reinecker brought his recipes over from Germany. And Reinecker’s makes more than good babka/paska. It has a whole world of pastries to explore, including Beehive Kuchen, filled with buttercream and topped with a buttery almond toffee sprinkle; or Nut Patica, a long column of bread that’s densely rolled around a sweet, walnut-based filling. It also bakes a host of rye breads in every imaginable variation, as well as custom cakes.

And while Macedonia is a formidable haul from Columbus, you can score its breads and pastries at places like Carfagna’s and Weilands. And, if you can’t even leave the house to hit those spots, Reinecker’s has an online store too. You can find out more about its breads, local outlets and online ordering at reineckersbakery.com.

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