Ohio’s Own: A to Z BBQ Flavored Rib Shaped Pork Patties

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: A to Z BBQ Flavored Rib Shaped Pork Patties
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Although the appeal of the famous McDonald’s McRib has been personally elusive, there are people, good people, who love it. Mental Floss has called it a “cultural obsession”, and there is an online McRib locator to help the hungry find the sandwich. It says the closest one to us right now is in Florida.

But there’s some good news for Ohio fans of pork-patties-shaped-like-ribs. They are as close as your freezer, thanks to a product that proudly wears the Ohio Proud sticker: A to Z BBQ Flavored Rib Shaped Pork Patties.

In order to taste-test this particular offering, cooking is going to be involved. Of course, the act of cooking can skew a product test result with incompetence in the kitchen. Thankfully, the instructions on the box are basically to fry, broil or grill. You don’t have to do anything fancy.

Inside the box is a plastic bag filled with 8 pork patties, stacked high. It seems like a potentially awesome value. They are, admittedly, somewhat alarming to behold. They look something like a flesh-colored construction toy that you link together. In their defense, that distinctive structure is supposed to suggest ribs. Although they look creepy, the ingredients are pretty straightforward: pork and a whole bunch of seasoning including smoke flavor.

The patties shrink during the frying process, and that takes away most of the interesting appearance features. It also results in a mammoth pool of liquid fat -like cooking sausage or bacon. Prepare for that.

So, flavor: kinda good in a junk-food-way. The patties are good especially if you like sausage, as they have the same appealing briny accents. For the whole McRib treatment, you’d want to add some barbecue sauce and bread to the mix. As the closest McRib is in Florida, it’s hard to say how close these patties are to the original rib-shaped meat. At worst, they’re decent sausage.

The boxes were found at a local Kroger, in the freezer section.

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