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Ohio’s Own: Pita Krunch

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Pita KrunchPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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We’re still not quite done with the whole Ohio chips discussion. The selection of offerings in the Ohio snack scene is robust — robust enough to host, in addition to lots of potato and corn chips, pita chips too. That means we’ve got some international flair to investigate.

Of course, international and local are two totally different things. So, first and foremost, Pita Krunch pita chips are made in Toledo, Ohio. Pita chips, though, are typically associated more with Mediterranean cuisine than with midwestern comfort cooking.

These chips pretty much build a bridge and do both.

You can buy the chips in a variety of flavors. That includes a lot of weird pita chip options that range from barbecue to raspberry sugar versions. That said, the Zaatar flavor seemed theme-appropriate, a familiar blend of seasonings if you hang out at Mediterranean places. For the less familiar, it’s a blend of herbs that typically includes thyme, oregano and sumac.

A plastic boxed package of the goods is packed with charmingly irregularly shaped shards of relentlessly crunchy, brittle chips. They’re toasty, and painted with a complex flavor that adds a subtle citrus grab (sumac is a little lemony) to the whole salty snack angle.

Pita Krunch chips come with some built-in literature about the healthfulness inside the lid. While it’s not organic, you’ll find pretty normal stuff in the ingredient mix, stuff you could buy in a grocery store. As someone who typically eats everything in a package, once it’s opened, the nutrition news for these chips is kind of good. It’s not a huge hit if you eat the whole box in one setting: the label says 78 calories per serving and 6.5 servings per box. You can do the math: it’s not nearly as guilt-inducing as, say, consuming a premium pint of ice cream or a tall can of Pringles.  

Of course, if you dip the chips in hummus and stuff, that’s on you.

You can order Pita Krunch chips online, or find them at local gourmet grocers.

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