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Ohio’s Own: Pierre’s Ice Cream

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Pierre’s Ice CreamPhotos by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Marc’s is the Ohio Proud destination . . . for the non-artisanal audience. Being Cleveland-based, it has a distinct little network of Ohio producers, and its shelves hold a bevy of lesser-known, but locally-made sauces, condiments, and dairy goods.

Which brings us to Pierre’s Ice Cream. It’s not easy to find at Columbus grocers, in spite of the fact that it’s produced nearby in Cleveland. Of course, Marc’s has it.

To be sure, Pierre’s is super affordable. It’s not your $10 per pint ice cream: that’s not really Marc’s niche. The prices for a pint of Pierre’s run just over $2 per pint. The first ingredient listed on its pints is “cream.” The rest of the list can be long, depending on the flavor, and includes a lot of things that purists won’t like. But if you like ice creams from Breyer’s or Velvet (Utica-based, and also well-represented at Marc’s), you’ll be alright.

Plus, Pierre’s comes in flavors like French Toast, which is enthusiastically endorsed. It’s built on a base that tastes vividly of maple-syrup, and it’s dotted with pecans and little chunks of cinnamon shortbread that come off a little like Nilla Wafer shards. The combo is cool, flavorful, and boasts just enough chunks to keep things interesting.

Of course, Pierre’s super-budget-friendly prices make it easy to try all sorts of pints. There’s the Peanut Butter Commotion, which is a peanut butter ice cream loaded with sandwich cookies (a la Oreos) and fudge chunks. The Mocha Mud Pie has been a standby this summer. It’s coffee and chocolate ice cream with more sandwich cookies and a fudge swirl. Pierre’s website lists all its flavors, plus sorbets and diet things. There’s a Hole Mole that has, so far, been evasive during shopping expeditions: cinnamon ice cream with chocolate toffee pieces and “chili choco chips.”

You can find out more about the company at https://pierres.com.


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