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Ohio’s Own: Orlando Breads

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Orlando Breads
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Memory can be deceiving, but it seems like Heath Nut bread used to be better, denser, and nuttier. It’s a common refrain on breadhead discussion boards. Health Nut used to be heavy — super-loaded with stuff — but perhaps its success has made recent purchases of the product feel disappointing. It’s too light, and it’s “sprinkled” more than “loaded.”

Cleveland’s Orlando Bakery has the antidote. Although the bakery is probably better known for its ciabatta, it’s Seed’licious bread has virtues all its own. The bread is dense and loaded with sunflower seeds in every bite. It’s strikingly close to the Health Nut of the olden days. Orlando’s offering is sturdy, groovy bread that’s interesting all by itself, but topped with cream cheese or soaked in butter, it becomes sublime.

It becomes sublime enough, in fact, to consume unto excess, so be forewarned: the loaves are made with flax seed. Given that flax seeds typically expand in the stomach after you eat them, too much of a good thing can be incredibly uncomfortable. And “too much” can be achieved in about three buttered slices. On the bright side, flax seeds are supposed to be incredibly healthy.

As for other health assets: the bread is full of gluten, but it’s also full of the aforementioned sunflower seeds, plus millet and chia seeds. It also boasts some sort of heat-proof probiotic. While the probiotic magic typically can’t survive the heat of a commercial oven, the GanedenBC30 variant used at Orlando has alleged staying power.

Like the flax seeds, the Orlando empire has expanded since its inception. What started as a project back in 1872 has since grown to encompass a hearty line of breads and rolls made from lots of grains, as well as frozen foods and cookies.

You can find Orlando products in the bread section and freezers of local grocers.

For more information, visit orlandobaking.com.

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