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Ohio’s Own: Milk Drinks from Arps Dairy

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Milk Drinks from Arps Dairy
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In the Ohio regional dairy scene, Snowville and Reiter are both beloved players. That said, right next to their wares in the grocery cooler was a hot pink bottle of strawberry milk. That’s hard to ignore. And when it turns out that the bottle is the product of Ohio’s very own Arps Dairy, well… that hot pink bottle goes right into the shopping basket.

Strawberry milk has always been for special palates. It has a unique appeal, perpetually sorta fakey tasting, never natural. It’s as if God doesn’t want us to have natural strawberry flavoring in milk. On this standard, Arps doesn’t disappoint. At first taste, the pink strawberry stuff has a mild, nearly natural appeal. Then, as it whooshes down the gullet, you get the familiar carnie flavor. It is what it is.

Luckily, an Arps bottle of chocolate milk made it into the grocery basket too. Chocolate milk is universally lovable. The Arps version is rich and thick and almost maltie as it coats the mouth with sweet dairy wonderfulness.


The labels tell the backstory. For the chocolate milk, the ingredients are primarily milk, cocoa and sugar (with a few little extra things). For the strawberry milk? You’ll see the familiar reference to “artificial flavor” in the ingredient list. But if you look beyond the expected flavor contributors, you’ll notice that the dairy is committed to farming integrity. It sources from farms who take a pledge to abstain from antibiotic and artificial growth hormone usage in herds. So, aficionados can enjoy their fakey strawberry milk knowing it was produced with integrity.

Beyond the flavored milk selection, Arps Dairy itself has lots of products, ranging from regular skim milk to onion dip and cottage cheese. It’s based in Defiance, Ohio, and its website also notes that its producers all come from within 30 miles of its HQ.

For more info, visit www.arpsdairy.com.

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