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Ohio’s Own: Mayhem Foods

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Mayhem FoodsPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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Mayhem Foods makes all sorts of things. It makes salsa. It makes hot sauce. It has seasoning powders, and a chocolate snack mix. When your name is Mayhem, you can do anything.

It does have a particular angle, though. What started as the unwavering devotion to spicy things became a commitment to something more: spicy things with flavor depth. That is, Mayhem wants to do more than set your mouth on fire. It wants to set your mouth on fire with foods that offer a sensory experience that tickles the other taste buds as well. 

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to find, among Mayhem’s pepper-powered items, a good representation of other sorts of snacks. It’s there we found a particularly likable take on Chex Mix: Mayhem’s Smoked Cheddar Snack Mix. 

What’s in the bag? A bunch of stuff. Really, as close to mayhem as a snack mix can get. Several cracker shapes, mini-pretzels, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, dried peas, toasted corn, flax and sesame seeds . . . it’s all encrusted in a seasoning mix that includes turmeric, cheese powder, smoked paprika, sea salt, and, yes, cayenne pepper and chipotle powder. 

The mix delivers. Every bite is crunchy-fresh. Every bite is different, thanks to a variety of textures. Each respective base (cracker, pretzel, nut) provides a unique background element for the savory, satisfying seasoning. 

Which means that it’s easy to get to the bottom of the bag. 

That said, the Mayhem website suggests its snacks can be used as a salad topper, too. That could work. Mayhem offers variations on its savory snack mixes with taco and ranch options. All variations are made in small batches, double-seasoned and triple-baked. There’s a cinnamon-tinged chocolate version as well – it comes with a recommendation to pair it with ice cream. 

You can explore Mayhem’s options online at mayhemfoods.com. Its associated social media feeds highlight events where you can pick up its goods.

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