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Ohio’s Own: Lopaus Point Waffles

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Lopaus Point WafflesPhoto via Lopaus Point Bakery.
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Lopaus Point Waffles appear to be a hot new thing. While the Lopaus website mentions some sort of a Maine connection, the waffles are actually locally grown (made in Columbus). Notable is the Lopaus label’s proclamation that the waffles have no gluten, dairy, soy or added sugar. What’s left to enjoy?

Well something that still comes off like a legitimate waffle is what’s left. The creations are sold in five-packs from the freezer section of local gourmet grocers. The idea is to toast the waffles in the oven at 400 degrees. The promises on the label are interesting enough, but pull a waffle out of the package and things get more intriguing: it’s heavy and dense like a hockey puck.

At least it will be… something unusual.

Waffle conditions take a radical turn while heating in the oven. The waffles go from hockey pucks to a crunchy treats pretty quickly. Beneath the crisp exterior of the outside of the waffle is a shockingly tender mouthful. The banana flax version smells and tastes mildly of banana bread: it’s an appealing accent. The sweetness of the banana is a nice bonus perk too.

The waffles are perfectly edible straight-up, like a nourishing, soft, warm, poofy cookie. They also do a nice job supporting a little ricotta and fruit; that feels like the right sort of pairing. Alternately, you can also butter the waffles and drown them in syrup like Eggos. The designers might not approve, but that seemed like the optimal pairing in these parts.

Besides, butter and syrup are both gluten-free too.

For those budding food scientists who are interested in the technology that allows for this waffle miracle, the label says it’s based in a non-gmo flour blend made from brown rice flour, potato starch and tapioca flour. There’s almond milk too, and cage-free eggs in the mix.

For more information, visit www.lopauspoint.com.

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