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Ohio’s Own: Lavash Cafe’s Garlic Sauce

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Lavash Cafe’s Garlic SauceLavash Cafe Garlic Sauce & Pita - Photo by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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Move over ketchup, move over hot sauce…and ranch dressing: Lavash Cafe has a sauce that is truly good on everything. EVERYTHING. 

The Clintonville Mediterranean spot has been on the map for years – beloved for its shawarma as well as less traditional offerings including black bean hummus. But right now, it’s the house garlic sauce that demands attention. It’s not like other garlic sauces. Frankly, Lavash’s version isn’t like a sauce, period. It’s not runny. Instead, the house garlic sauce is fluffy and firm, more like a dip. And you can dip everything in it. So far, it improves literally everything it’s touched with its oddly soothing garlicky goodness. 

The garlic sauce is also downright pretty to look at – it’s snowy white and wickedly smooth. This description might make it sound like mayo, but it is nothing like mayo. The fluffiness makes it lighter than any oily mayonnaise. You can try to figure out the magical formula by looking at the ingredient list helpfully printed on a container: garlic, oil, salt, egg whites (they’ve got to be the source of fluffiness), lemon. Alternately, if you follow the eatery’s social media posts, you’ll find an instructional video with the recipe. Buying it already made is way easier. 

The first test pairing was with Lavash’s pita, which is hard to beat. The flat bread is softer and dewier than grocery brands because it’s freshly baked. That was a good start. But then the sauce was good with fresh vegetables too: carrots, celery, peppers. And pizza, and tortilla chips. It’s probably possible to consume too much garlic, so some moderation is suggested: Maybe skip the potential dessert pairings. 

You can score the garlic sauce at Lavash itself. It’s been spotted on the menu served with the chicken sandwich or lamb kabob. Alternately, you can score a whole container to take home along with a package of pita at spots like Weiland’s Market.

For more information, visit lavashcafe.com.

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