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Ohio’s Own: Honeykiss Bakery

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Honeykiss Bakery
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The pie epiphany of early June unleashed a whole little obsession on the dessert. It turns out that pie can be pretty good, and there’s a whole world of pie beyond the stodgy, old holiday standbys.

One particular recommendation (from a boss) was for the goods from a place called Honeykiss Bakery. Going by the name alone, the bakery deserves a little attention. How could anything from a place called “Honeykiss” be less than divine?

Honeykiss Bakery operates out of a Grandview home and its wares can be found at a few local restaurants and also at Weiland’s in Clintonville. A whole pie will set you back $11.99: not too steep.

For research purposes, the signature Berry Lover’s Pie was picked (sic) for the official test drive.

It’s a pie that will impress people. From the outside, the crust is uber-cute. In the case of this Berry Lover’s Pie, little strawberry pastry cut-outs adorn the surface. The buttery, homespun crust is thick at the sides but still tender through and through.


Truly, though, it’s the guts that inspire a little double take. The berry pie is a dark, evil berry hue. It’s good to be bad, right? Inside the crust sits a collection of lots firm berries: blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries -all spiked with a little cinnamon. The label only discloses “spices”, but cinnamon is the flavor that comes to mind. It might not be a traditional partner for berries, but it is sublime.

Pie and ice cream are a classic combo, and this particular pie pairs really well with some sweet dairy. It accents the flavor differences and the vibrant berry color.

Of course, there are other flavors of pie to consider: the bakery’s website mentions opportunities such as Salted Chocolate and Cherry Pistachio. Surely, more pie research is in order.

For more information, visit www.honeykissbakery.com.

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