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Ohio’s Own: Harvest Pride Ranch Tortilla Chips

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Harvest Pride Ranch Tortilla ChipsPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Let’s start right here: Harvest Pride Tortilla Chips are way better than your average grocery tortilla chips. You know how there are tortilla chips, and then there are Dorito-style chips? The latter are a thousand times more savory and addictive. Harvest Pride makes the equivalent of Dorito-style chips in the local snack food scene.

While the snacks aren’t advertised as organic or non-gmo, Harvest Pride Chips are gluten free, so there’s that. And the Harvest Pride project is not only local out of Ada, Ohio, it’s also family run. In fact, according to its website, the business is a true farm-to-table operation. The proprietor is a fifth generation farmer with decades of experience growing corn for other snack producers. One day, he decided he’d like to use his corn to produce his own chips. Enter Harvest Pride Tortillas & Chips; the snacking world is so much better for this decision.

Harvest Pride tortilla chips are sold in several flavors that include Nacho, Guacamole, Blue Corn and Ranch. By happy coincidence, the Ranch version popped up at the end of an aisle at Hills Market Downtown. Harvest Pride’s wares are sold in the biggest, plainest brown bags of artisan chips you’ll see: they weigh in at one pound each. It takes a great deal of discipline to get to the bottom of that bag of chips in one setting.*

Because the label’s “Tortilla Chips” moniker was the most obvious thing on the package, the distinct ranch aroma and most welcome seasoning dust came as a small, but happy surprise. The crunchy chips are a pure junk-food delight with local integrity. Plus, for whatever reason, tortilla chips are typically perceived as healthier than Dorito-chips, so you can score points there too. Perceived healthfulness counts for something on those New Year’s resolutions.

*This is not advisable, but more importantly, not actually possible. Do not attempt alone.

For more information, visit harvestpridechips.com

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