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Ohio’s Own: Harvest Pizza (Frozen)

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Harvest Pizza (Frozen)
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This might shake up the freezer pizza scene.

Normally, frozen pizza is sort of a bottom-of-the-barrel thing. It’s a food of last resort, waiting in the freezer for that magical moment of culinary resignation/desperation. So, while peering through the frosty grocery freezer doors, there was a moment of disbelief at seeing little cardboard boxes from Harvest Pizzeria.

Yet, there they were, frozen pizzas from a local pizza place that is beloved, famous even, for its fresh, poofy, very gourmet pizza pies.

As an early warning, these freezer pies are not priced like ordinary freezer pizzas. Each one runs close to fifteen dollars. Then again, these aren’t ordinary freezer pizzas.

The frozen pies from Harvest come in three variations: Spicy Yuma (made with chorizo and a chipotle-enhanced tomato sauce), Ohio Mushroom (with gouda, havarti and mushrooms) and Fennel Sausage (with sausage and red onions).

For the test drive, the Fennel Sausage version seems like a great starting point.

In its frozen state, the pie doesn’t look particularly majestic. It’s not particularly large (12 inches), it’s frosty, and it’s hockey-puck solid. The directions say to heat up the oven to 500, and having invested fifteen bucks in the pizza, it seems like a good idea to follow those instructions with meticulous care. The directions also say to bake the pizza directly on the oven racks: no pan needed.

Ten minutes later, it’s ready for assessment.

Earnestly, the Harvest Pizza pie really does hold up well, particularly the crust. It’s poofy and light, just like the real deal. The time spent in the home oven gives it pretty golden accents. The time spent in the oven also makes the cheese glisten, and it comes across as remarkably fresh and gooey with little shards of sausage dotting the landscape.

At end of the day, it’s not a desperation meal, it’s a great freezer pizza for a refined palate, and it’s a pizza that delivers.

For more information, visit www.eatwelldistribution.com.

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