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Ohio’s Own: Ezzo Sausage Company

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Ezzo Sausage CompanyEzzo Pepperoni on a pizza at SIP Local - photo by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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Columbus’ very own Ezzo Sausage Company is a legend in the pepperoni game. Alton Brown’s Serious Eats once referred to Ezzo as “one of the finest pepperoni makers,” using its wares as prototypes in pepperoni experiments. Ezzo’s has also been lauded in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Thrillist

The thing that’s special about Ezzo Pepperoni? It’s the King of Curl. Ezzo makes pepperoni that curls into cups when baked. And, as indicated by the enthusiastic experimenters at Serious Eats, that curling likely has something to do with the style of casing Ezzo uses. 

Food science geeks can learn all about it on Ezzo’s website. Under the products section, it divides its sausage selection into two categories: pepperoni in collagen casing, and pepperoni in fibrous casing. The collagen kind is the curling kind, and that’s the result of heat, which shrinks the collagen casing. As the perimeter gets smaller, the pepperoni slices form into delicious little cups you might see on local pizza pies. 

Beyond that, the collagen cased pepperoni comes in variations, too. There’s a traditional GiAntonio version, and also a Supreme version that’s spicier and tends to get blackened edges when baked. 

And if you don’t like it when your pepperoni curls up, well that’s why Ezzo also offers the fibrous casing version. They’ve got you covered. 

Naturally, it’d be nice to score some of this pepperoni for home use, but unless you’ve got a hook-up with a distributer like Sysco, that’s a little tricky. Ezzo makes products for restaurants, and it’s easier to find its pepperoni on pizzas at local restaurants such as SIP Local, Pizza House and Don & Sue’s. 

That said, if you poke around enough online, there’s always a way. One industrious online shopper found a means to score it at a Pennsylvania online shop. If you really must have your own log of pepperoni, you can pull the trigger here www.pennmac.com.

For more information, visit ezzo.com.

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