Ohio’s Own: Darista Dips

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Darista Dips
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Darista Dips took the local dip scene (dip scene?) by storm earlier this summer with the splashy debut of three cute-looking, cute-named dips. Beet Dip might not sound all that appetizing itself, but kick it up a notch and call it “Step It Up A Beet”… that’s a dip worth investigation.

So the beet dip, along with Morockin’ Carrot dip and All Hail the Kale dip are due for a real taste test. The good news is, there’s more to these little dips than terrific names. They’ve got flavor too.

Of the trio, the favorite so far is the Morockin’ Carrot. It looks a little bit like baby food with its dark carrot hue. The flavor, though, has the complexity of Middle Eastern cuisine (that must be the Morockin’/Moroccan element). There’s a definite carrot contribution in the mix, but it’s enhanced with garlic, lemon and tahini accents. It’s also smoother than you might ever imagine carrots to be.

It’s soul-killing to buy just one dip, however. Clearly, the trio belong together, and the other two help break up monotony. Step It Up A Beet will be beloved to beet fans, because it really does taste like beets. It shares similar complex elements with the carrot dip, but the beet reigns supreme. Plus, it’s boasts the brilliant, vibrant, fuscia beet color.

As for Kale, it’s an altogether different beast. Where the other two dips have homogenous textures, the Kale version is lumpy with little shards of dark green leaves and bonus chunks of carrots. It might be the least attractive of the options, but it’s got a nice creaminess that makes the kale go down smooth.

As a bonus, organic ingredients take center stage in these dips. Organic beets, kale, carrots, garlic and honey can all be found on the labels.

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