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Ohio’s Own: Dairymens

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: DairymensPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Cleveland-based Dairymens is part of the Borden family. It’s also a staple in the grab-n-go chocolate milk scene, a reliable standby found in spots as ubiquitous as the corner Walgreens.

Dairymens has stepped up its game in the drinkable scene with a couple new versions of chocolate milk; they’re amped up with bonus enhancements.

First up, High Protein Chocolate Lowfat Milk. As the name suggests, it offers 25 grams of protein per 16 oz bottle (a typical bottle might offer around 16 grams of protein). The secret ingredients that enhance the protein aren’t terribly exotic. Based on the label, it looks like the extra protein comes from a bonus dose of “nonfat dry milk” in the mix, that would explain bonus levels of calcium too. Teamed with the magical powers of cocoa and high fructose corn syrup, the end result of the chocolate concoction isn’t quite as sugary as a regular bottle of chocolate milk, but it hits all the basic requirements for a cool, soothing chocolate milk fix.

The Chocolate Malt Lowfat Milk, on the other hand — that’s a guzzler. Its label prominently and proudly mentions 16 grams of protein per bottle, but that’s pretty normal for any chocolate milk. With the bonus malt addition, the beverage takes on a more complex sweetness that compels you to hit the bottle again and again. And while perhaps this malt variation doesn’t offer special protein, it does have the magical powers of “Malt.” Back in the day, the powdered substance made from barley and wheat was believed to be a healthy supplement for kids’ diets. While that’s no longer believed, we can still pretend.

Dairymens itself offers a variety of milk products, ranging from plain ‘ol milk to French Onion Dip. The funky new chocolate milk options are worth looking out for in refrigerator sections.

For more information, visit dairymens.com.


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