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Ohio’s Own: Everything Loaf from Buckeye Bread Company

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Everything Loaf from Buckeye Bread CompanyEverything Loaf from Buckeye Bread Company - Photo by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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Buckeye Bread Company established itself in 2021 to fill a gap in the local bread scene. According to its business plan, Columbus lacked sufficient services to provide fancy breads to local restaurants. And really, we’re not just talking “fancy,” but signature, custom loaves; wholesale artisan bakery wares. 

It’s a model the owner, Jeff Benkel, successfully developed in Arizona. As a local native, he wanted to bring it home to Ohio. Right now, the Alum-Creek based bakery boasts 45 flavors.

That said, you can’t just go knocking on the bakery’s doors. That’s not how this works. It delivers bread directly to restaurants, and, as luck would have it, to a few markets as well. 

Which brings us to its Everything Loaf. The Everything Bagel has been the bomb for ages. It’s a bagel, enhanced with heavy dose of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, onion and salt. You can find Everything Seasoning on grocery shelves to capture the same magic in other dishes. Given its availability, we can have everything on everything, which begs the question:

Where is the Everything Bread?

Buckeye’s got it. A loaf of bread, not just sprinkled with Everything, but fully infused within the grain of the bread itself. The crust holds zippy, more intense, flavorful bits, but the signature, savory garlicy-onion flavor permeates each bite . . .

And then, Buckeye takes it to level 11 with one more element: little chunks of cheddar cheese. Lots of places make cheese bread, but the cheese is so scant, you never see it. That’s not a problem in its Everything Loaf. Little pods of cheese await in every slice. It’s everything, plus cheese. 

The Everything Loaf is good with . . .well, not everything. It’s not a jelly and jam bread. Butter is good, and it’s a killer shell for a ham or turkey sandwich. It’s bread that’s worth eating in and of itself. You can score your very own loaf at stops such as the Grandview Hop, The Hills Market, Weiland’s, and the Dublin Market at Bridge Park. 

For more information, visit buckeyebread.com.

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