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Ohio’s Own: Bowman & Landes Turkey Sausage

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Bowman & Landes Turkey SausagePhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Sick of turkey yet?

This one’s different. We’re not just talking turkey, we’re talking turkey sausage. And it’s not just turkey sausage, it’s Ohio-grown turkey sausage.

It’s free range, anti-biotic free, Ohio Turkey Sausage from Bowman & Landes Farms. In a world of mystery meat, this particular Turkey sausage has some features worth celebrating.

Turkey, generally, has a long history as a disappointing substitute for mammal meat. Turkey bacon is not as good as pig bacon. Turkey burgers are not as beloved as cow burgers. Still, turkey is frequently the choice of those with particular health objectives (it’s often lower in fat) or aversions to eating fellow mammals.

That said, Bowman & Landes turkey sausage is not disappointing — not at all. It can go head-to-head with mammal meat any day. Locally, you can find it at gourmet grocers such as Weiland’s, in plain, white, one-pound packages. Fried up, it hits the spot. Not too greasy, the sausage delivers a nice, dense, flavorful morning patty.

And, for those with the health concerns, the ingredients are all pronounceable (turkey, water, salt and spices) and less than half of the calories come from fat. The label also mentions that turkeys are fed vegetarian diets.

Bowman & Landes has actually been in the turkey business since 1948. It’s in its fourth generation of farmers, and today is committed to a holistically healthy environment. Not only are its turkeys free range, but they’re fed with grains grown on the farm that’s partially solar-powered. It sells all sorts of turkeys in all sorts of forms, including both smoked and canned (separately, the canned turkey is not smoked and vice-versa). If you’re in New Carlisle, Ohio, you can stop by its retail farmers market and score lunch from a turkey-centric menu that also features some options made with roast beef or ham.

You can find out more at bowmanlandes.com.

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