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Ohio’s Own: Botanibites

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: BotanibitesPhoto via Botanibites.
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Botanibites first identify themselves by what they are not. They are free of gluten, grain, dairy, soy and guilt. What’s left? A power muffin based on coconut flour with exotic herbal enhancements.

Botanibites are also bitty bites. A package of three probably serves one, because they are mini-muffins, literally bite-sized.

What they lack in size, they make up for in uniqueness. The Goji Lavender Bliss muffins boast goji berries, lavender extract, damiana extract and passionflower extract. It takes either extensive herbal knowledge or the internet to appreciate the value of this combo. Goji berries and lavender are comparatively well known, with the former having antioxidant properties and the latter receiving acclamation for its soothing, de-stressing power. That leaves damiana and passionflower. According to one website, damiana is an aphrodisiac and possibly a hallucinogen; passionflower is used to counteract anxiety.

That’s a lot of oddity in a tiny, otherwise inconspicuous package. The muffins smell like normal baked goods too, which is hopeful, especially with the prospect of consuming something that is both an aphrodisiac and a hallucinogen. That could turn out badly. Taste-wise, the muffins are pleasantly aromatic and mildly sweet with an achingly tender texture. Surprisingly good.

Regarding potential hallucinations or other psychological effects, we have none to report at this time. It may take a few more muffins. The baked goods do certainly produce the promised bliss, but muffins are a pretty bliss-inspiring across the board.

Botanibites are made in Waverly, Ohio, and come in an assortment of flavors that include Matcha Mint, Maca Marble and Lemon Floral. Each has its own custom mix of herbs for a raft of different effects that range from being energized to having an increased libido. You can find the muffins locally at Bexley Natural Market and Weiland’s.

You can learn more at botanibites.com.


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