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Ohio’s Own: Big Axe Spice

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Big Axe Spice
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It seems like the spice scene in Ohio is getting pleasantly edgy. Earlier this year, something called Rowdy Kitty Rub popped into view: that was certainly a curiosity-inspiring name for a peppery spice mix. But now… now we have something from Big Axe Spice on the tasting table. It’s the Hot Axe version; a spice for aficionados of heat and puns too.

Big Axe Spice is based in Dayton, and the product line has an endearing backstory. It’s the creation of a former lifetime salt-addict, who concocted a series of spice mixtures after being diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure. To that end, the mixes are all salt-free.

The Hot Axe version features a full-bodied, coarse mix of herbs and heat. It’s not just a one-dimensional blow-you-socks off burn. The presence of garlic, onion, oregano and thyme give it something that approaches savory. “Approaches”, because the mix is (again) salt-free. It hosts a mix of other elements too, such as cumin and hot peppers. All in, the stuff combines the complexity of the herbal elements with a nice stinging heat to keep things lively. It works as an all-purpose add-in for summer grilling or in something like an omelette.

In addition to being salt free, the Hot Axe label proudly mentions that the products are also free of sugar or gluten agents (sometimes used as filler in spice mixtures). It also notes that it is vegan and paleo friendly, which one might expect from a jar of spice anyway.

Big Axe makes other spice mixtures such as Fire Axe and Mega Flavor blend; but it’s hard to compete with the punning charm of the Hot Axe name. The test jar was found at the local Kroger, a mega-company that has been making a concerted effort to highlight its Ohio-made offerings.

For more information, visit www.bigaxespice.com.

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