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Ohio’s Own: Bacon from Falter’s Fine Meats

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Bacon from Falter’s Fine MeatsPhoto by Lauren Sega.
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Falter’s* has been Ohio Proud since 1890, when the meatpacking operation was founded by German immigrant Herman Falter. It’s not just Ohio Proud, it’s Columbus Proud. Falter’s Fine Meats is based on Greenlawn Avenue.

The business has been handed down through five generations of the Falter family, and it’s still going strong with bacon (lots of bacon) and a wide range of pork and beef products that include items such as bung bologna, souse, liver pudding, pepper loaf and natural casing franks.

Some of the old-school monikers for Falter’s products are on the unfamiliar side. While Google is not much help on how bung bologna got its name, the website offers a reassuring description: it’s a finely ground bologna with a beef casing; souse is “pig terrine,” and sold in an additional red-hot version; and liver pudding is “hog scraps finely ground and seasoned with our signature blend of spices.” With references to “pig” and “hog,” the descriptions offer ever-present reminders that animals are on the menu.

Incidentally, the liver pudding has fawning consumer reviews.

The easiest, most ubiquitous thing to find on store shelves is Falter’s bacon. It’s packaged in an old-school bright yellow packaging, with Falter’s blue seal featuring the term, “PURITY.” Through the plastic, you can see thick slices of bacon with balanced stripes of lean and fat.

The bacon cooks like bacon. You could celebrate Falter’s long history by preparing it in a frying pan, but it works just fine in the microwave (and there are instructions on the package for frying, broiling, baking and microwave). Personal preference runs deeply towards crispy (not wiggly) and Falter’s product is built to deliver that. With appropriate cooking time, mission accomplished.

Flavor wise, it delivers that cured saltiness mixed with a little sweet that works so nicely in pork products, or “pig products,” as Falter’s would probably say.

You can find its products at local specialty grocers, listed at faltersmeats.com.

*The website uses “Falter’s” and “Falters.” We’re good with both, but using the apostrophe version.

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