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Ohio’s Own: Arepazo Cilantro Sauce

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Arepazo Cilantro SaucePhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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Some places are legendary for their sauce. For example, for better or worse, Raising Cane’s is famous for the sauce it teams with its chicken tender. While the chicken itself is popular, the house companion condiment is enough of a draw that the business sells extras in ramekins from its menu. Hibachi joints are typically famous for their sauce as well: the Yum Yum stuff has a big fan club. Arepazo, too, is famous for its sauce. 

Of course, Arepazo is more of a local attraction. That’s what makes it extra special. Its sauce has been legendary for a long time. The condiment has been a persistent fixation for local eaters since the operation opened the doors of its very first joint over a decade ago. Made with lots of cilantro, it’s designed to go with its Latin American menu that features empanadas and Venezuelan tequeños. In truth, though, it’s good on pretty much everything, and for that reason, the following comes as most welcome news: Arepazo’s sauce is now available in a big, refrigerated squeeze bottle, as a retail item.  

True to form, the bottled version is just as creamy and addictive as the version found in Arepazo’s eateries. Even people who don’t typically like cilantro, will find some charm in the sauce. The herb gives it a fresh flavor and a green hue, but there’s a heft and luxurious creaminess that quiets cilantro’s notorious soapy accents. 

As a bonus, for those who have always wanted to make their own version, the ingredient list on the bottle will tell you exactly what’s in the mix: It looks like mayo, water, salt, pepper and cilantro. Sound easy? Good luck with the proportions, the sum is more than the parts. There’s some sort of magic in the house mix. 

Arepazo’s sauce, along with the food it was designed to go with, can be found at either of Arepazo’s locations in the Brewery District, 515 S. High St., or Gahanna, 93 N. High St. To score a whole bottle of the stuff, hit up Weiland’s at 3600 Indianola Ave. They stock it in the refrigerated shelves near the produce. 

For more information, visit elarepazolatingrill.com.

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