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Ohio’s Own: Alcoholic Peaches

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Alcoholic Peaches
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The weather is warming up, but peach season still feels like it’s a million miles away.

So, meanwhile, there’s this: Amish Wedding Brandied Peaches.

Amish Wedding products are a line from Troyer Foods in Millersburg, Ohio. The offerings encompass everything from potato salad and sauerkraut to something called fudge cups. Brandied Peaches are on the high end of the pricing spectrum at $10.69 for a jar.

But expensive peaches are worth at least one try for curiosity’s sake. Plus, there’s added intrigue from the discovery of Amish Brandied anything. According to a Google search that leads to an authoritative-sounding National Geographic article, while there are lots of rules in the Amish community that call for pacifism and adult baptism, there seems to be no rules against brandy… or beer or vodka.

Having completed all that research, it turns out to be a false alarm. A look at the side of the jar revealed that the jar contains “brandy vinegar”, which is different from brandy (in a slightly disappointing way). The rest of the ingredients are pretty natural-sounding: peaches, water, sugar and nebulous “spices”.

The peaches come in a big jar: 32 ounces. The jar holds impossibly perfect peach halves, with some cloves floating around in the syrup. The peaches are firm, and undeniably peachy, the syrup they float around in doesn’t taste much like vinegar, nor does it taste like brandy. Instead, it has a nice holiday cinnamon/clove accent, altogether pleasant with peach infused syrup.

Amish Wedding Foods also makes a jar of regular peaches — and it sells them at a cheaper price than the brandied version for just under six bucks. The non-alcoholic ones come in the same big jar, and are a slightly lighter hued fruit. The big glowing orange peach halves taste uncommonly good, especially for preserved peaches. By comparison, regular canned peaches are slimy and flavorless next to the Amish Wedding ones.

You’ll find the jars at local gourmet grocers, and online at www.amishweddingfoods.com.


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