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Ohioans Purchased $949 Million Worth of Liquor in 2014

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News flash: Ohioans drink a lot of booze. Nearly one billion dollars of it per year to be exact.

The Ohio Department of Commerce reported today that a record $949 million in liquor sales were reached in 2014, marking a 5.6% increase over 2013. If that rate of increase continues, 2015 will eclipse the billion dollar mark.

Representatives at the Department noted that the increase in sales appears to have more to do with “trading up” to more expensive premium brands rather than increasing individual consumption. Over 60 percent of sales in 2014 were attributed to premium-priced products.

Retail sales were also slightly stronger in terms of growth at 6.6% when compared to wholesale transactions for 2014 at 3.1%.

Want to know which liquor brands sold the most in 2014? CLICK HERE for the Top 10 list.

For more information, visit www.com.ohio.gov.

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