Ohioanna All-Star Market coming to Short North

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Ohioanna All-Star Market will be a small New York City “bodega style” urban market catering to our currently underserved downtown-dwelling demographic. We chose the name “all-star” as a nod to our own local favorites; we plan to emphasize local produce, cheeses, coffee, beer and other locally grown and produced sundries to nourish our neighbors.

Ohioanna Market will feature fresh flowers, produce, bagels, breads, coffee and deli items. Columbus “All-Stars” will be featured including Stauf’s Coffee, Amish cheeses, dairy items from Happy Chicken Farms, and carry-out items from Betty’s, Surly Girl Saloon, and Tip Top Kitchen. We are taking suggestions for items now. Baked goods, cupcakes, bread, beer, wine and the usual sundries will be available as well.

The service will be fast, friendly, and we will be open late. We look to make our community brighter by providing fresh produce and healthy carry-out options in a safe, bright and friendly store. If successful, we look to build more stores in the coming years. Next stops include King-Linoln, Downtown, Gay Street, and Franklinton.

Our first shop will be located two doors north of Surly Girl Saloon. We will occupy the space currently held by Mary Catherine’s Antiques. Mary Catherine’s currently occupies two storefronts but she will downsize to one storefront and rent us the north side of her building. We are working to convert the space from retail to grocery with food-prep on site, so an opening date is still uncertain but we hope to open in late 2008.

Feel free to throw your suggestions our way, we’d love to hear them.

Elizabeth Lessner

[email protected]


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