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Ohio Strength CrossFit Relocates in Italian Village

Mackenna Swing Mackenna Swing Ohio Strength CrossFit Relocates in Italian VillagePhotos provided by Ohio Strength.
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CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movements preformed at relatively high intensity. Basically, it’s an exercise that changes daily, by focusing on different parts of the body and varying the metabolic pace in order to achieve ultimate physical conditioning.

Many people are often curious about CrossFit, but never participate because they’re intimidated by the competitive atmosphere, or physical intensity of the workout. What many don’t realize is that the movements are functional and easily translated outside of the gym into daily activities, such as carrying the groceries or picking up heavy objects. CrossFit is using your own body and space to move heavy objects as quickly as possible, under the direction of safe instruction from certified coaches.

Another aspect of CrossFit that is often overlooked is the sense of community that comes along with the practice. Instead of popping your head phones in and jumping on the elliptical next to ten other people, CrossFit allows for community interaction during your exercise, as well as a “sharing in the suffering,” similar to team sports. CrossFit is a great way to meet people with similar health and fitness goals, and create a support system to help you reach them.


Ryan McFadyen is the founder and owner of Ohio Strength, with a background in exercise science and nutrition, as well as experience teaching and coaching for ten years. McFadyen’s favorite part about CrossFit is the variety; he enjoys the variety of different types of exercises and training that come with each session.

McFadyen is CrossFit certified, but also maintains certifications in yoga and Olympic weight-lifting. He hopes to bring yoga classes and weight-lifting specialty classes to Ohio Strength’s schedule in November. McFadyen recently relocated Ohio Strength to 279 East Fifth Avenue, just down the street from its original home. Thanks to the new location, there is room for more types of activities, as well as the ability for multiple classes and training sessions to occur congruently.

Over the past year, Ohio Strength has grown its staff to include four coaches: two men and two women. The facility offers an inclusive environment to customers, and McFadyen hopes that having a coaching staff composed of both sexes will help CrossFit appear less intimidating. Ohio Strength also offers classes for beginners, which are based on learning the fundamentals of the practice, with a coach-client ratio ranging from 1-1 to 1-5. The small class size allows coaches to help each participant directly focus on perfecting their form and technique.

Free trials are currently being offered at Ohio Strength.

For more information, visit www.ohiostrength.com.

All photos provided by Ohio Strength.


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