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Ohio Junior Blue Jackets have folded

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ushl.com wrote Junior Blue Jackets Cease Operations

May 11, 2008

The United States Hockey League announced today that the Ohio Junior Blue Jackets have ceased operations for the 2008-09 season, ending the team’s two-year run in Ohio’s capitol city.

“Many people, from Tom Goebel and his ownership to others around the USHL worked tirelessly to find a location where this franchise could be a success. But with the timing and the lack of an adequate facility in potential new centers, it was decided that it was in everyone’s best interests that the franchise cease operations,” said USHL president Gino Gasparini.


This is hardly a shock. They didn’t draw very well in their entire stretch in Columbus. It’s a quality league (highest level of amateur hockey in the US beneath the NCAA), but between the NHL Blue Jackets and the Buckeyes, the local appetite for hockey is pretty well sated.

It’s almost more surprising that they didn’t fold up before last season, after Doug MacLean was fired. It was a fairly widely held belief that this was a vanity team he created in order to get his son into the USHL…

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