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Ohio Chinese Lantern Festival Returning This Fall

Anne Evans Anne Evans Ohio Chinese Lantern Festival Returning This FallThe Ohio Chinese Lantern Festival returns November 17 through January 7, 2018. Photo by Walker Evans.
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For anyone who missed their chance to experience magic that was the Ohio Chinese Lantern Festival last fall, good news! The festival will be returning to the Natural Resources Park at the Ohio Expo Center and Fairgrounds, beginning November 17th. The festival will be in town through January 7, 2018.

“We’re returning to Columbus because of the warm reception we received, as well as the city’s eagerness to experience other cultures,” says Allison Newell, Marketing Manager for Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc. The festival has returned to other cities in the past, and the company was impressed by Columbus’ arts and culture scene.

Newell shared that there will be several new lanterns on display, and they plan to add more food options and performers. Favorite lanterns will make a reappearance.

The Ohio Chinese Lantern Festival saw attendance numbers of about 70,000. Tianyu Arts & Culture and Columbus Underground worked together last year to send all of the students of Hubbard Mastery School to the festival, providing an immersive cultural experience and add to the students’ Mandarin curriculum.

Take a look at what awaits and plan to go this fall!

For more information, visit ohiolanternfestival.com.

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