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Objects for the Home adding more handmade items to retail mix

Anne Evans Anne Evans Objects for the Home adding more handmade items to retail mixThe Mitchell Sofa. A full-sized sofa, it retails for $845 at Objects for the Home.
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Have you been inside Objects for the Home lately? If so, you may have noticed the gorgeous sofa they recently started carrying. They’ve also been busy adding more handmade items to their product mix. The company began three years ago by husband and wife team Kristopher Konieczko and Chelsea Cabot with the purpose of offering great design at affordable prices.

“We like to think of ourselves as the Goldilocks of Furniture and Home Decor retail in Columbus,” says Cabot. “We’re not an expensive store, but we’re not a cheap store. The Mitchell Sofa fits right into our business philosophy.”

The Mitchell Sofa. A full-sized sofa, it retails for $845 at Objects for the Home.

The couple started their business on their own, with no financial backing. “When you work so hard to make your money, you really think twice about what you spend it on; you don’t want cheap things, but not everything needs to be an investment piece with a price tag to match.”

The Mitchell Sofa is manufactured by a small family company out of Texas. Each sofa is crafted in just one finish option, which allows it to be kept in stock and sold at a lower rate.

“While options are great, I think this approach is exactly what our clientele is looking for; fantastic style, well-constructed, and very comfortable for an unbelievable price,” says Cabot. “We’re starting off with the Mitchell Sofa and depending on our customer feedback, we’d love to expand into other upholstery options.”

With Objects for the Home, Cabot and Konieczko are working hard to create a lifestyle brand that appeals to young people just starting out in a new space, or those who are looking to add a unique accent piece. Cabot feels that the popularity of Pinterest and lifestyle blogs create a strong desire for people to have happy, creative and impressive spaces to come home to and entertain in.

“People shop around, and they will put forth the effort to do the leg work to find the product at their price point,” she says. “As a small business, it’s even harder to prove ourselves worthy of their business. We simply have to be smarter and more selective to be successful in this still shaky economy and to appeal to the changing consumer.”

Photos provided by Objects for the Home.

Visit Objects for the Home at 1392 Grandview Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212. Phone: 614-485-9039. Current hours: Monday through Friday: 11am-7pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday: 12pm-5pm. “Late Night” Friday and Saturday hours will resume in the spring. On the web: objectsforthehome.com.

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