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Three-Story Residential Building Planned for Oak and Wilson

Brent Warren Brent Warren Three-Story Residential Building Planned for Oak and WilsonRenderings via Gunzelman Architecture and Interiors.
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A three-story condominium development has been proposed for the corner of Oak Street and Wilson Avenue on the Near East Side. The six-unit building marks the first new-build project from Eye Homes, a company that has been active in rehabbing properties in the neighborhood.

The new building would sit on the northeast corner of the intersection, south of a large historic home that is slated for renovation as part of the project. Each 2,200-square-foot unit will feature three bedrooms, a rooftop deck and a two-car garage.

Esteban Saldarriaga, who owns and operates Eye Homes along with his wife, Erika, said that the goal is to break ground in October, although that timeline will depend on getting final approval for the design from the Near East Area Commission.

“The materials on the exterior are really high quality,” he said, adding that his team has been working with the commission and has already made some changes based on early feedback. Gunzelman Architecture and Interiors is the architect for the project.

“This is a new chapter for our company, and we are very excited,” said Erika Saldarriaga. “We want to please the commission (and) to build something that will feed into the neighborhood.”

The project encompasses six existing parcels, including the single family home at 156 Wilson Avenue – which will receive a complete rehab – as well as a long and narrow building at the corner of Oak and Maclee Alley that could eventually be the home to a yoga studio or other commercial space.

The Saldarriagas plan to continue to rehab houses throughout the neighborhood, aiming to offer a relatively wide range of price points – from large mansions in Olde Towne East in the half-million dollar range to smaller homes and townhomes south of East Main Street that sell for under $120,000.

Eye Homes also recently ventured into the Italian Village market for the first time, with plans to rehab one home and build three new single family homes near East Greenwood Avenue.

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