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Northstar Cafe Shelves Upper Arlington Restaurant Plans

Walker Evans Walker Evans Northstar Cafe Shelves Upper Arlington Restaurant PlansRendering via GRA+D Architects.
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We announced in November that Lane Avenue would eventually be home to a new Northstar Cafe location, but those plans have officially been put on the back burner.

“We never got past the stage where we were simply exploring the opportunity,” said Northstar co-owner Kevin Malhame. “We concluded that it wasn’t ideal for us at this time, so we aren’t pursuing it.”

The original plans called for a new two-story structure at 1515 West Lane Avenue that would feature a ground-floor restaurant with company offices on the second floor. The project was a collaborative effort with The Pizzuti Companies, who still plan to move forward with developing the empty land.

Malhame stated that Upper Arlington is a neighborhood where they still hope to open a future location.

For more information, visit www.pizzuti.com and www.thenorthstarcafe.com.

Rendering via GRA+D Architects.

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