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Nominate Your Picks for The Best of 2016 Awards!

Walker Evans Walker Evans Nominate Your Picks for The Best of 2016 Awards!
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It’s that time of year once again! The end of 2016 is rapidly approaching, and we’re looking for your nominations in our annual “Best of” awards and recognitions, which are the city’s only year-end lists that determine the best people, places, products, events and ideas that defined your full calendar year.

This year we’re doing things a little bit differently, and are requesting your nominations for each category instead of asking for your votes. Once nominations are collected, a panel of local judges and experts will weigh in to determine which nominations make the cut for the final results. We feel that this will help the list to be more of a curated collection of editorial picks that defined the year 2016 in Columbus, rather than a simple popularity contest for anyone who can accrue the most votes through social media promotion.

The CU Best of 2016 survey is 37 questions in length and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. You have until Thursday, December 8th at midnight to nominate your favorites! The results will be revealed between December 18th and 31st here on Columbus Underground.


Below is a full list of all categories in this year’s survey:

The Best Food and Drinks:

  • Best NEW Restaurant
  • Best Cheap Eats
  • Best Restaurant
  • Best NEW Bar
  • Best Bar
  • Best Local Beer Brewery
  • Best Coffee Shop
  • Best Chef

The Best Arts and Entertainment:

  • Best Local Artist
  • Best Art Gallery
  • Best Arts Organization
  • Best Cultural Institution
  • Best Public Art Display
  • Best Theatrical Group
  • Best Local Band
  • Best Local Music Venue
  • Best Columbus Festival
  • Best Local Craft/Shopping Event

Best Urban Living:

  • Best Neighborhood to Live In
  • Best Neighborhood to Visit
  • Best New Urban Development
  • Best Apparel/Fashion Store
  • Best Thrift/Discount Store
  • Best Fitness Facility
  • Best Yoga Studio
  • Best Movie Theater
  • Best Local Product Without a Store
  • Best Home Decor Store
  • Best Farmers’ Market
  • Best Specialty Store
  • Best Salon/Spa
  • Best Barber Shop
  • Best Park

The Best in Entrepreneurship & Small Business:

  • Best New Startup Business
  • Best Small Business Success Story
  • Best Entrepreneur
  • Best Small Business Resource
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