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Nightlife Review: Copious / Notes

Jenna Taylor Jenna Taylor Nightlife Review: Copious / NotesPhotos by LaJuana Taylor.
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Time and time again I’ve overheard countless conversations about ‘that one jazz club’ in the Brewery District who’s musical lineup is actually entertaining or ‘that new three-story Copious place’ in which one could get lost in for hours on end. Copious/Notes is quickly becoming The Copious/Notes, comparable to the emphasis that Buckeyes put in The Ohio State University, simply because Copious/Notes is exactly what Columbus nightlife has been starving for. A club and restaurant that appeals to every racial demographic. It is here where the gourmet is actually identifiable, where the soul-hearted music forces a two-step, and the excitement of it all scattered onto two separate floors will create an night of undeniable new experience.

What makes underground jazz club Notes so unique and will ensure its success? Its fearless ability to not only grasp ears without prejudice, but the owners’ thirst to nurture every walk of quality vocal art hidden in Columbus. Unlike other Downtown clubs, Notes has caught the eye of spoken word artists, violinists, blues-bellowing musicians, and of course, jazz artists. Notes is practically dinner theatre without the corn. The music here isn’t stale — it is varying and freely sundry. From the time of our arrival, we were entranced by pair of violinists stringing elongated and dramatic sounds from their instruments. But by time our departure came, patrons swung with their partners to the funky rhythms of the HooDoo Soul Band.


To set the record straight, Copious and Notes are two separate attractions in one venue, and each attraction deserves to be individually recognized. Occupying the main floor is Copious, a farm-to-table dining concept that treats its ingredients as fragments of an art piece, that when once completed will ensure a unique and cohesive dish. In the basement you will find Notes, an underground jazz-centric club that houses shareable plates and craft cocktails. The menu includes items such as crispy flatbreads and a creamy “Craft” Mac ‘n’ Cheese consisting of tubetti pasta dressed in mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, and gouda cheeses, adorned in green onions (it’s as delicious as it sounds). There’s also the sweet Ohio Angus Sliders which are traditional in a sense, but the caramelized onions, Colby jack cheese, and butter pickles -all relished with the kitchen’s non-traditional “mayup” sauce- really make the dish.


Just like the food menu, Copious and Notes have bar menus that differ as well. In Copious, one can enjoy a larger variety of craft cocktails as well as wines and beers, which only makes sense as Copious is meant for an extensive in-depth dining experience. Notes is meant for a night on the town with a date or a group of friends — so while its offerings may not be as extensive, it without a doubt, doesn’t lack. It is only in the underground jazz club where patrons can experience the Jack Tails: a choice of three cocktails all of which feature Jack Daniels as the star ingredient, but tell three different stories. The Whiskey Blues is timid and for those who enjoy the sweeter side of life, the Ginger & Honey Julep is more of a down to earth cocktail, while the Notes Jack & Sour is a fearless traditionalist.

On the third floor of the venue is the McGowan Loft, a beautiful open-aired venue with its own bar and private patio with views of our city’s skyline that are available to private parties and celebrations. Come dressed to impress when experiencing Copious and Notes, and we recommend doing so all in one night. Copious/Notes holds the ability to haze its patrons in a nostalgia-filled state in what may only be a four-to-five-hour night on the town, but can easily feel like a night full of limitless experiences, both old and new.

Copious and Notes are located at 520 South High Street, and is also open for happy hour Monday through Friday, and brunch on Saturday & Sunday.

For more information, visit copiouscolumbus.com.

All photos by LaJuana Taylor.


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