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Nightlife Review: Can You Escape The Chamber Escape Room?

Jenna Taylor Jenna Taylor Nightlife Review: Can You Escape The Chamber Escape Room?
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A new entertainment concept that proves Columbus is more than just High Street and happy hours could be easily overlooked in what was once a thriving area on the city’s north side. The Chamber Escape Room sits tucked in an unordinary two story brown brick office building that is just as unconventional as its concept. This is a live game in which a team of up to twelve individuals must find their way out of a trapped room within forty five minutes using hidden clues, perplexing riddles, and numerous amounts of planted keys.

Sounds simple enough right? Well, Daniel Hutchison, owner and founder of The Chamber Escape Room, skillfully adds twists to intensify the game, with multiple rooms to escape, psychological fears, and a storyline involving Jeffrey Dahmer.

The experience doesn’t delve into the story of Dahmer, though it adds a pinch of the tragedy along with creepy photos and prophetic scriptures, which will help the hostages to escape. Though the Chamber Escape Room isn’t intentionally scary, you should ditch the kids for this thrilling experience — it would be a better time to prove how much wittier you are than your boss, or your ability to work as a team with friends.

Hutchison opened The Chamber Escape Room in April, and has received nothing but positive feedback from past participants. The game, which originally began online, has been popular in Germany and several Asian countries for quite some time. Despite the competition in Columbus, Hutchison’s design and awry personality makes The Chamber Escape Room an authentic and worthwhile experience.


Teamwork is vital to a successful escape, so despite the fact that your boyfriend’s best friend may be a complete moron, his opinion could prove useful to the team’s survival. Look everywhere — literally everywhere for clues, as Hutchison’s imagination goes beyond the average. What this writer accomplished in the escape room in a pair of five inch heels may not be possible for the average girl (or guy), so dress comfortably… The Chamber Escape Room is no fashion show. Most importantly, remember to relax — there’s no need to belittle anyone’s intelligence or strangle your significant other.

Reservations are necessary at The Chamber Escape Room, and be sure to arrive fifteen minutes prior to the reserved time or your ticket will be forfeited. The Chamber Escape Room is located at 1415 East Dublin Granville Road open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Special group rates for parties of twelve and corporate outings are available, and individual tickets are $29 per person.

For more information visit www.thechamberescaperoom.com.


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