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Briana Henry Briana Henry New(ish) Columbus Music
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Team Smile and Nod

Calling themselves a studio band, Columbus electro-pop pair Team Smile and Nod recently released their latest single, “Dust from the Stars”. I spoke with half of the duo about her band and some of their interests. Something I noticed instantly while reading up on the band is the first line of their bio. “Lesbian fronted” were the two words that stood out. What about Rich? Describing Rich as one of the biggest LGBT supporters she had ever met, Kara gave it some thought and gave the poignant response of, “It’s a political statement, until I can marry my girlfriend of 12 years”. As a person who always hears Big Freedia’s statement in my head as to her stance on the differences between bounce music and sissy bounce music, there really isn’t a huge distinction. When asked if it was a form of marketing to target a specific audience, Kara replied, “It’s not a marketing tool, I think it is a qualifier, if you don’t like it then maybe it isn’t for you anyway”.

Team Smile and Nod on Facebook

Psychic Wheels

At their EP release show at Ace of Cups, I frequently said to myself, and drunkenly tweeted about how this band should play more. And by more, I mean every weekend. Their sound is by far the most original and attention-keeping in Columbus; so much so, that I had to use the bathroom during their set and nearly busted my bladder before finally opting to use the facilities. A combination of mod, psychadelic, and some aspects of a garage-rock band from the 60’s flows through the veins of the 5-member noise makers. You can get your hands on a vinyl copy of their release, “Sequined Mess”, at local record stores including Spoonful and Used Kids Records.

Psychic Wheels on Facebook.


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview VHS or Beta. What I learned from this “one-hit-wonder” band is that they are not working on anything except side projects. When I asked what these side projects were, I was told, “We don’t really want to divulge”. Awesome. Before that awkward interview from hell, I spoke with local band, Stations. This impromptu interview went over well, and I’m excited to see what these guys have to offer. Freezing outside while sipping on a beer, I spoke with them about what kind of band they were, and why I’d never heard of them. Describing themselves as an Algebra II type of math band, practices are held at Relay Records, which is owned by Jon Fintel, located in Columbus. After some years of defunctness, the members are back and will play their next show on the day of the apocalypse (December 21st) at Ace of Cups with Strangers in Daylight and Main Street Gospel (finally!).

The Regrettes

The soulful band that kicked the year off playing small shows, has now erupted and graced the stage at CD101 Day Side B (change is hard, ya’ll), and will now headline a record release show at the Newport on the last day of November. The talent is undeniable in this group, and dancing, though not a requirement, during their show is inevitable. Opening up are The Dewdroppers and The Washington Beach Bums.

Regrettes on Facebook

On top of the plethora of national bands making stops in Columbus, (Smashing Pumpkins, Silversun Pickups, Clutch, among others) checking out a new venue with a local band may be a surprising and enjoyable experience.


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