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New Vision Announced for West Side Redevelopment

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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A multi-part development announcement for the west side was just made today, which includes the formulation of an amendment to the Greater Hilltop Plan, the initiation of a Regional Commercial Overlay, and a market study and economic development implementation strategy currently known as “The Weston Vision”. These initiatives are collaborative efforts between The City of Columbus, Franklin County, Franklin Township, Hilltop area businesses, west side residents and the Weston Development Partnership.

The goal of these plans is to produce a cohesive redevelopment of the entire West Broad Street Corridor.

“We are creating a vision for seamless development along the West Broad Street Corridor as we lay the groundwork for the revitalization of the West Side,” said Mayor Michael B. Coleman.

The Greater Hilltop Plan Amendment was submitted to City Council this week after being endorsed by the Greater Hilltop Area Commission. The plan was assembled following a full year of interaction with the Hilltop business and residential community. The original Greater Hilltop Plan was established in September 2001, and can be found online HERE (PDF).

“The amendments to the Greater Hilltop Plan will ensure the responsible and managed growth in the West Broad Street corridor near the casino development,” said City Councilmember Priscilla R. Tyson, chair of the Development Committee.

The Greater Hilltop Plan Amendment suggests mixed-use commercial development along West Broad that is consistent with the Penn National casino development. Additionally, new overlay plans call for similar development standards for parcels along Georgesville Road and Phillipi Road.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for this community,” said Chris Haydocy, president of Haydocy Automotive and member of the Weston Development Partnership. “The city, county, townships, business stakeholders and community working in a unified and fast-paced manner is key in maximizing the opportunity this area has been given.”

More information about the redevelopment of the West Broad Street Corridor will be available online at the Weston Development Partnership’s new website, coming soon at www.thewestonvision.com.

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