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New Studio Space Opens in Clintonville

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Beginning in July of 2009, Columbus will have a new space in which community artists can work and teach: FLOORSPACE. Located in the heart of Clintonville, on Indianola Avenue, FLOORSPACE offers two studios at affordable rental rates to local artists of all varieties, including dancers, musicians, actors, and visual artists.

Heading up this venture are Sarah Hixon, a local choreographer and the artistic director of Hixon Dance, and Jacob Reed, a local composer and drummer in the RPM Jazz Trio. As artists working in Columbus, they know first-hand how difficult it can be to find affordable space in which to rehearse. “The idea is to provide the arts community with both an affordable and usable work space. Because we are not running a school or recreation center in the space, these studios are available during both daytime and evening hours.

FLOORSPACE offers one large studio space, approximately 900 square feet, with a resilient wooden floor, high ceilings, windows, central air, and wall-length mirrors. The second studio is more intimate, at approximately 450 square feet, with wooden floor, central air, and wall-length mirrors.

The spaces are ideal for dance rehearsals and classes, Pilates, Yoga, aerobics, or other movement-based disciplines. Theater groups looking for rehearsal space may also find these studios perfect for rehearsal. Musicians, especially those in ensemble groups, can also use the space for practice or recitals. The space can also accommodate visual artists in need of classroom space to teach figure drawing, photography, painting, or other styles—and both spaces offer plenty of light and room.

While FLOORSPACE is primarily for rental by artists, anyone interested in the arts are encouraged to check out the website. Many local artists will be offering dance, music, and visual art classes to the general public out of these studios, furthering the community-building spirit of the place. Whether you are an artist looking for work space, or just an advocate of the arts, stop by the Open House on Friday, July 17 from 6:00-9:00pm or Saturday, July 18 from 1:00-4:00pm. There will be live music, dance, and other entertainment, as well as light refreshments.

FLOORSPACE is located at 3041 Indianola Avenue, a few doors south of Studio 35. For more information, please visit the website at www.FloorSpaceArts.com.

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