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New Station Downtown Offers Fast Charge for Electric Vehicles

Brent Warren Brent Warren New Station Downtown Offers Fast Charge for Electric VehiclesAn electric vehicle charging station installed earlier this year Downtown. Photo by Brent Warren.
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A new charging station was installed earlier this week that will offer drivers of electric vehicles in Columbus a fast-charge, curbside option for the first time.

The new station, located at 174 E. Fulton St. downtown, features public art designed by students of the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD).

On hand at a January 14 event to celebrate the launch were representatives of Smart Columbus, the Columbus Foundation, CCAD, and Greenspot, the New Jersey-based company that installed the station.

Although there are plenty of charging ports in Columbus (Smart Columbus maintains a map of all charging stations and curently lists dozens in and around the city), this one is distinct because it is accessible to the public at all hours and offers a DC fast charger, which can fully charge a typical car in about 30 minutes.

“Projects like these will help boost EV adoption in the city, and act as a precedent for future electrification initiatives,” said Greenspot COO Michael Mazur in a statement. “This is just the beginning and we expect to install many more stations and help facilitate EV adoption in the region.”

Columbus is now the fastest-growing market for electric vehicles in the midwest, according to Smart Columbus.

Pricing for the new charger is set at 30 cents a minute, with a minimum charge of $2.50. Users will also be required to pay for parking at the spot via the ParkColumbus mobile payment app.

For more information, see www.smart.columbus.gov and www.joingreenspot.com.

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