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New Six-Story Residential Building Proposed on East Broad Street

Walker Evans Walker Evans New Six-Story Residential Building Proposed on East Broad StreetRendering via Behal Sampson Dietz.
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The Downtown Commission is scheduled to review a proposal tomorrow that calls for the demolition of a 67-year-old five-story office building and the construction of a new six-story residential building. The plan for the new building at 350 East Broad Street calls for five stories of residential units sitting on top of a one-and-a-half story parking garage structure that would be partially under ground.

The application was submitted by the Behal Sampson Dietz architectural firm on behalf of property owner EB 2016, a limited liability company established last year. The company purchased the property in 2016 for $575,000, according to the Franklin County Auditor, which includes a parking lot just north of the existing 30,000 square foot building.

If constructed as planned, the structure just clears the Downtown Design Guidelines height minimum, which calls for at least five story buildings in this stretch of Broad Street. Additionally, the lack of ground-floor retail could conflict with the Guidelines, which state:

“Ground floor uses on major commercial streets, including High, Broad, Third, Fourth and Gay streets, Nationwide Boulevard and Capitol Square, should generally consist of retail, restaurants, drinking establishments, personal services, arts and entertainment uses.”

Stay tuned to CU for additional updates on this proposal.

UPDATE: Plans Reviewed for New Six-Story Residential Building on Broad Street

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