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New Six-Story Building Proposed in Weinland Park

Walker Evans Walker Evans New Six-Story Building Proposed in Weinland ParkRendering via Moody Nolan.
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A proposal to construct a new six-story building at 266-300 East Fifth Avenue will go before the Weinland Park Civic Association for review next Tuesday. The project — applied for by Columbus-based Marker Development — is the second new building proposed for this immediate stretch of Fifth Avenue, located next door to the long vacant corner of Fifth Avenue and Fourth Street which has also made recent steps toward redevelopment.

Preliminary plans for the new building at 266-300 East Fifth Avenue indicate that the ground floor would be home to over 4,000 square feet of retail space facing the street with structured parking concealed in the back. More concrete details of the project are expected to be revealed next week, but renderings showcasing balconies and a rooftop pool indicate that the mixed-use building will primarily function as residential on the upper floors.

Currently, the parcels located at 266-300 East Fifth Avenue are primarily open land, with two small single-story commercial buildings on the east and west boundaries of the property.

Renderings via Moody Nolan.

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