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New Plan Unveiled for Five-Story Building at Fifth and Summit

Brent Warren Brent Warren New Plan Unveiled for Five-Story Building at Fifth and SummitRendering via M+A Architects.
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Borror Properties is bringing a new proposal for the southwest corner of Summit Street and East Fifth Avenue to the Italian Village Commission next week.

Borror bought the 0.6-acre site from developer Brad Howe last fall, paying a little over a million dollars for it, according to the Franklin County Auditor’s website. The new proposal calls for a five-story building with 86 apartments over first-floor commercial, including space for a 4,000 square foot restaurant on the corner.

Howe’s Burwell Court building, located immediately to the south of the new proposed development, has already been built, with five of the eight townhome units sold. That was to be the first phase in a larger project encompassing the entire corner — a five-story, 74-unit mixed-use building that Howe brought before the commission multiple times, starting in 2015.

Howe said that he will continue to be involved in the larger project, but will focus most of his energies on the lot he owns across the street — the northwest corner of the intersection — where he has received approval from the University Area Commission to build two three-story buildings containing a mix of apartments, townhomes, and retail. He said that demolition and site cleanup will likely start soon on that site.

The redesign of the five-story building was first taken to the commission in December. Jeff Baur, Executive Vice President of Borror Properties, said that they hope to get more feedback from the commission after making changes meant to improve the building’s presence along Fifth.

The Italian Village Commission meeting is March 21st at 6 p.m.

Renderings via M+A Architects.


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