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New Plan to be Presented for Cooper Stadium

Brent Warren Brent Warren New Plan to be Presented for Cooper StadiumA photo from 2018 shows what remains of Cooper Stadium.
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Arshot Investment Corporation, the developer behind a decade-old plan to build a race track at the former Cooper Stadium site, is currently working on a new plan for the site that would contain a mix of uses.

Two zoning applications were submitted to the City of Columbus this week, requesting changes to the permitted uses on the 47-acre site and to some of the development standards agreed to when the site was initially rezoned in 2011.

Language in one of the submitted applications states that “a race track…is no longer part of the proposed development,” offering the first official confirmation of something that has long been assumed by neighborhood leaders and others that have expressed dismay over the years about the lack of progress on the site.

“The applicant’s plan anticipates more of a mixed use development combining commercial and industrial uses with the possibility of residential as well as an entertainment venue,” reads the application.

Anthony Celebrezze, of the city’s Department of Building and Zoning Services, said that Arshot has presented some conceptual plans to the city – including one that showed up to 500 residential units on the site – although no commitment has been made to an exact number of units or to the inclusion of any other specific uses on the site.

More details are expected to be presented at the next meeting of the Southwest Area Commission, which is to be held on August 21 at 7 p.m. at the New Horizon Methodist Church (1665 Harrisburg Pike). Residents are encouraged to come and share their thoughts on the proposal.

Arshot’s Principal, Bill Schottenstein, has not commented publicly on the project in several years. A representative of Arshot did not respond to a message seeking more information on the latest plans.

Trent Smith, Executive Director of the Franklinton Board of Trade, who told CU last fall that Schottenstein had “simply stopped communicating with Franklinton,” said that he has not yet heard from Arshot about the new plan.

“Franklinton is very eager to see this property be put back into productive use,” Smith added. “There is such a need for truly affordable housing and jobs for this area, and the Cooper Stadium site offers a ton of room to make it happen.”  

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