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New Plan Calls for Three-Story Building on Long Street Downtown

Brent Warren Brent Warren New Plan Calls for Three-Story Building on Long Street Downtown
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The Downtown Commission will hear two proposals for surface parking lots on Long Street this month — an eight-story apartment building at 55 E. Long and a three-story building down the street, at 274 E. Long.

The three-story building is proposed for land owned by the Edwards Companies, on a parcel previously targeted by the developer for inclusion in its Neighborhood Launch project.

Kim Ulle, President of Eclipse Real Estate Group, an Edwards affiliate, said that the company is now partnering with local attorney and developer Connie Klema on a plan for the site.

“We have been working with Connie to develop and own the site,” said Ulle. “She has done some great projects and we wanted to fill in the frontage on Long Street with a unique building… we view this as another great contribution to the neighborhood.”

“It’s a great street and a great opportunity,” said Klema, whose previous projects include six single-family homes on Summit Street, a pair of unique houses on East Russell Street overlooking I-670, and a partnership with Borror Properties on other developments in Italian Village.

“I’m very excited to be developing a building in a part of the city that has the benefits of the Edwards group and other creative and energetic people,” she said, adding that they are “bringing new life and energy to a neighborhood that has such great history.”

The Long Street proposal calls for parking and a small retail space on the first floor, with three residential units above spanning the second and third floors. The building would sit across the street from Edwards’ twin five-story apartment buildings, the Neilston and the Normandy.

Surface parking lots directly to the east and north of the proposed building would not be a part of the new project.

The proposal will get an initial, conceptual review from the commission at its meeting on Tuesday, April 25th.

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