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New Meatball-Centric Restaurant “Palle” Opening at The View on Fifth

Walker Evans Walker Evans New Meatball-Centric Restaurant “Palle” Opening at The View on FifthPhoto via Palle.
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After nearly a year in the making, Moretti’s spin-off “Palle” is officially opening this month inside The View on Fifth building in the Fifth by Northwest neighborhood. The new restaurant focuses on a daily assortment of meatballs, served up with salads, sides, local beers and cocktails.

“There’s so many fast casual restaurants popping up everywhere, and one thing we’ve noticed is that poor service is almost always expected,” stated Palle co-owner Jami Householder in an interview with CU last year. “The concept with Palle is fast casual, but it’s also a sit down restaurant atmosphere with excellent customer service.”

Palle is the first retail business to open inside The View on Fifth, a new six-story 285-unit apartment and mixed use building located on the block between Holly and Norton Avenues. Householder describes the interior of the restaurant as “industrial and rustic” with large booths, intimate seating and highlights the open-air garage doors that connect to their patio.

The new restaurant is expected to launch sometime this month with a specific date expected to be announced soon.

For more information, visit www.pallebymoretti.com.

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