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New Happy Hour Menu Debuts at Sidebar 122

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson New Happy Hour Menu Debuts at Sidebar 122
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Happy Hour means different things to different people. For some, it’s a time to grab a much-needed drink at the end of the day before heading home to family and the responsibilities there; for others, it’s the only way to kick start a party. For the folks at Sidebar 122, Happy Hour is a time to eat, relax, and laugh – a lot.

Sidebar 122 is billed as a Latin American-infused, Mediterranean restaurant which offers hand-crafted libations in the speakeasy style of the roaring 20s. So when they create a menu, it’s sure to be eclectic, creative, and full of dramatic surprise.

Like with the addition of the Tiger Balm, a slightly sweet, subtly spicy concoction of Brugal Anejo rum, demarara, lime, and Fernet Branca, a somewhat bitter, aged liqueur from Italy, which gives this drink its distinctive notes. For the wine lovers, there’s the Kingston Claret, an unexpectedly refreshing mix of Pinot Noir, more Brugal Anejo rum, lime, simple syrup, Angostura and Fee’s Old Fashioned Bitters that fills the mouth with a simultaneously bright, tangy, and luscious feel so mesmerizing you have to order another.

And why shouldn’t you? The cocktails are only $5.50 during the 4pm-7pm happy hour. Plus, you can also order some outrageous tapas to go with your drinks for only $5 for a generous portion. You can choose from more traditional Spanish fare, like Mixed Olives and Beef Empanadas, to more intriguing flavor mash-ups, like the Plantain, Queso and Guava or the Tilapia Fritters served with Cilantro-Lemon Aioli, which are light, non-greasy, and plentiful.

“Everything we do here, we do to make people happy. You come in, get some tapas, have a couple drinks, they’re good, and you make friends, you laugh,” Chef Alberto Tapia shares, as he comes out from the kitchen and joins the group at the bar. “We like to have a good time. If we’re not having a good time, then why bother, eh?”

For all of Sidebar’s menus, visit www.sidebar122.com. Sidebar 122 is located at 122 E. Main Street, and opens at 4pm daily.

Photos by Andrew Williams of A.W. Pixel Photography & Design.

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