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New Fashion Boutique Set to Open in Bridge Park

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman New Fashion Boutique Set to Open in Bridge ParkPhoto via apricotlaneboutique.com.
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Women’s apparel and accessories franchise Apricot Lane Boutique is expected to open at the Bridge Park development in Dublin in June 2019. The boutique will occupy the space at 4501 Bridge Park Ave. between Local Cantina and Anthony Vince Nail Spa.

The Apricot Lane location at Bridge Park will offer modern contemporary apparel, jewelry, accessories, gifts, handbags and more that are specifically geared toward the Dublin community.

Each Apricot Lane Boutique is independently owned and operated. Dublin storefront owner Patti Mockler has worked on the corporate side of the retail industry for over 20 years and says she has gained a new appreciation for the distinct quality Apricot Lane provides to its customers.

“I chose Bridge Park because it has become a focal point for the future of a high-quality living experience,” said Mockler via press release. “This is a great opportunity to be on the forefront of retail coming to the district.”

For more information on Apricot Lane, visit apricotlaneboutique.com. To learn more about Bridge Park, visit

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