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New Eight-Story Building Planned Downtown

Walker Evans Walker Evans New Eight-Story Building Planned DowntownThe current building at 195 East Main Street.
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Plans to construct a new eight-story mixed-use residential building at 195 E. Main St. were uncovered yesterday as the project has officially been submitted for review by the Downtown Commission. If constructed as planned, the building would include an 8,800 square foot ground-floor retail space with a sidewalk cafe-style patio, a second-story amenity space and seven stories containing 105 residences on floors two through eight.

Currently, the property is currently home to a dilapidated single-story office building structure that was constructed in 1950 and has sat vacant for some time. The demolition request mentions that the property is “problematic” and has been a concern to code enforcement officials and to neighboring properties.

The development application was submitted by an entity listed as “AB Partners” and will be presented to the Downtown Commission by representatives from Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design. According to the Franklin County Auditor, the property is owned by “195 East Main Street LLC”, which also owns surrounding parcels between 185 E. Main St. and 203 E. Main St.

The south side of the property is set to include 82 surface parking spaces fronting Noble Street.

The Downtown Commission is slated to review the project at their monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 23.

Stay tuned to CU for additional updates.

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