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New Downtown Delivery Service Powered by Bike

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Looking for an easy way to get that Chipotle burrito delivered from the Arena District to your office at Broad & High? Ever wish you could have a pint of Jeni’s at your doorstep in Olde Town East without the trip to the North Market? Well, C.S. Courier is here to help.

Ian Dowden, owner and rider for C.S. Courier has expanded their business model into include food deliveries to Downtown and the surrounding areas. We recently spoke with him to find out more about how it all works.

Q: So let’s say I want some Jeni’s delivered. How would that work for me as a customer?

A: First, you’d contact us directly, not Jeni’s. After the customer lets us know what they want, we buy from Jeni’s and then the customers buys from us when we arrive at their place, plus the delivery fee. For instance, if a pint is $10 and the delivery fee is $3, then the customer will pay us $13 when we show up. We accept cash only.

Q: What other types of food or products do you offer for delivery?

A: We can deliver anything, really. Things we’ve delivered includes laptops that someone had forgotten at a restaurant, food, court filings, and even DNA samples for labs. If you can think it, we can probably deliver it.

Q: What areas are included within the boundaries of your delivery zone?

A: The Downtown area is the main delivery zone, along with German Village, The Short North, Olde Towne East, Victorian Village and similar areas. The customer just needs to let us know ahead of time if they are further from the Downtown core — like the OSU Campus area — so that we can accommodate them.

Q: How timely is the service, from email-to-doorstep?

A: For food delivery, if the customer wants something super fast, giving us a phone call is fastest. From phone call to doorstep would be around 30 minutes. Keep in mind though that a particular restaurant might be busy during certain hours so an order might take a little longer to fulfill depending upon the time of day. It works best when a customer emails us earlier in the day for a food or ice cream delivery that they want later in the day.

Q: What are the hours of operation and days of the week for delivery services?

A: Right know we are doing 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. But if a customer really wants something after-hours, they can just email us ahead of time and we can try to set something up.

Q: So you only take order by email and phone calls at this point in time?

A: Emails to [email protected] are usually best because we can pull up all the customer’s order info on our smartphone. Customers can also message us @CScourier on Twitter too. And like I mentioned earlier, if time is crucial, then just give us a phone call at 614-359-7434.

Q: Are your customers asking for other types of delivery that you’re considering adding to your services?

A: If the customer can dream it, we can probably do it. Almost anything can be done by bike so ask away! We have a bike trailer which we can haul very large loads in, so the possibilities are endless. We even offer a curb-side recycling pick-up service if you’re tired of using the ‘big-guys’ and their large trucks are waking you up in the morning.

Q: Do you think your delivery services can help act as a “retail bridge” between neighborhoods and areas where certain establishments aren’t quite as close by?

A: Absolutely. Some times residents in and around Downtown just don’t want to deal with traffic, paying for a parking meter, finding a parking space, dealing with the weather, or walking a mile or two to a retailer in another neighborhood, so that’s where we come in. We ride year-round in all types of weather and it’s also a very green way to get things delivered. We can even pick up something for you at the grocery store. It’s a win-win for everyone. Residents have a new way to support their area retailers and the money that we make is staying in the local economy as well.

Q: Anything else potential customers should know?

A: We’re fast, green and reliable. Oh, and huge thanks to our local sponsors Paradise Garage, Embassy Boardshop, Adam Lowe Photography, Stanridge Speed and JEG Design!

Interested in learning more about the business side of C.S. Courier — CLICK HERE to read more on TheMetropreneur.com

More information can be found online at www.cscourier.com.

Photos provided by Adam Lowe Photography.

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